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We are an expert cloud solutions company with deep experience

We are one of Australia's leading utility cloud technology companies. User interactive high-speed Big Data on the cloud is what we do.


We build fully cloud-integrated cloud-based equipment and sensor solutions for real-time measurement and control of power, water, and gas.


We have won awards for our work along the way including Top 10 Utility Technology Solution Provider for the APAC Region. 


The COVID-19 crisis has shown every water, power and gas utility in Australia that it is critically important to be fully supported by Australian companies like us who always deliver locally-built world-class products, solutions and support, even when overseas companies won't or can't.

Billions of cloud measurements made around the clock ...around the world 

Gold Coast City


For years we've been making critical remote water quality measurements on the cloud every few minutes day and night.


Our TracWater unattended remote water quality robots  perform continual water quality analysis across 3,500 kilometers of water distribution pipelines in the 6th largest city in Australia.

Cloud-based IAAS (information - as - a service) handles all water quality cloud data automatically, securely and with applied intelligence.


Huntington Library Campus in California USA

We built the hardware and the cloud systems to manage power in real-time on the other side of the world.


Our cloud-based IAAS (info-as - a- service) manages all of the critical mains power supply to this most prestigious American institution in real time using "always-on" cloud connections between Australia and USA.

We put PepsiCo's factory...

"on the cloud"

Five years ago Pepsico engineers approached us to put their largest factory in Australia  on the cloud. 

Today, in real-time, our cloud-based IAAS (info-as - a- service) manages all of the critical mains power supply from multiple power utility transformers and hundreds of high consumption power circuits across a very large industrial site.


IAAS also monitors energy consumption of individual production processes in the factory together with all water and gas consumption on the site.

Gold Coast City

For years we've been making critical remote water quality measurements on the cloud every 5 minutes day and night covering 3,500 kilometers of water distribution pipelines across the 6th largest city in Australia.


01 / FAST
03 / EASY

Our award-winning technology powers some of the fastest cloud-based AI systems in Australia and countries around the world. Real-time streaming of cloud-based water, power and gas "big-data" into our easy-to-use" operator interfaces like TracWater and MeterTrac utility systems is our specialty. 

We  build our high-speed cloud data systems in house in Australia and we hold all data secure in Australia. We recognised years ago how important data security would become which is why all of our data handling systems have always met the guidelines of the Australian Government Signals Intelligence Directorate.

We make complex things easy. Our TracWater and MeterTrac systems are widely regarded as being amongst the smartest and most user-friendly high-speed cloud-data systems. We are always happy to demonstrate how we make your data life  easy by using IAAS real-time robotic data.



The fastest and easiest to use cloud platform in the water utility space. Has all the alert and alarm functionality of a SCADA system and much more.

Used by leading water utilities to provide robotic, real-time water network water quality monitoring  over large water networks.

Also used for detailed real-time water and sewerage network pressure monitoring on the cloud.

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Here you will find various wireless network products and cloud communication systems that we manufacture, build-integrate or supply.

We supply a full range of cloud enabled Ashley-Edison voltage and power control equipment from 1KVA up  to 6,500KVA.

We build specialised solar-powered, remote site cloud-driven  water network monitoring solutions using Siemens Mag Flow Meters.

MeterTrac Logo.gif

This is our real-time cloud monitoring and alarm system which gives users, anywhere in the world, the ability to look inside factories, building facilities, and to see plant and equipment and production processes happening in real time.

This is the cloud system in use by Government facilities, PepsiCo, and Huntington Library Campus in USA and in  many other operations across Australia and around the world.




Our company was founded by two individuals - the ex Vice President of Dell Europe and a practical engineer with wide industry and manufacturing experience. 

This unique combination of talents combined with nearly 100 years of business experience has allowed us to develop robotic information products, build unique cloud support systems, develop visual engineering platforms and gain international patents for new cloud products and processes.


We are regarded as a highly innovative Australian company known for our ability to deliver real outcomes for our water, power and gas utility customers.


We began our journey in cloud data engineering around the time that the term "Big Data" was first mentioned.

We have been an active participant as a brand new industry has emerged  from the first mention of IOT in 2000, to today where "Industry 4", or the 4th Industrial revolution has arrived.

Our vision is to continue to be a trailblazing company at the forefront of development of cloud-based products and systems.


We are focussed on the need for more data and better operational outcomes at utility plant operator level and the ways that this can be achieved on the cloud with new robotic data systems.


Our technology stack comprises :-

  • military-tough remote autonomous robotic data units,

  • secure cloud wireless communication systems

  • purpose-built super high-speed data engines​

  • fully user-interactive live data systems which incorporate machine learning 

  • immersive visual data platforms operable anywhere in the world

  • our operational systems for water quality, power measurement and verification etc can be viewed using the links below.



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